Rail ROW

Rail Right of Ways are critical components of transportation networks that provide crucial links between regional and international hubs. Rail ROW managers need timely information on vegetation encroachment, building proximity, adjacent land use classification and track and ballast elevations to ensure safe and efficient Rail operation and planning.


Along with detailed feature extraction, other beneficial applications arise from our products for Rail ROW operators, including:

  • detailed digital terrain and surface models (DSM, DEM)
  • 3D simulations for emergency management and planning
  • geotechnical slope stability studies
  • flood hazard mapping
  • vegetation growth and encroachment modeling.

Using a suite of proprietary tools, essential data can be efficiently extracted and packaged into customized formats depending on specific client needs.

The integrated data collection and processing Terra provides allows for efficient and flexible engineering and planning solutions for expansive railway networks and associated infrastructure, without rail-traffic interference or access limitations.