Terra’s Marine Division is made up of a highly skilled professional staff of surveyors, hydrographers, marine geoscientists and support technicians with over three decades of experience in providing a variety of mapping solutions for both offshore and inland water mapping projects. With Terra’s ability to fuse terrestrial LiDAR with submarine mapping data, projects can seamlessly progress through terrestrial and marine environments. Terra can provide comprehensive route corridor datasets addressing concerns on corridor topography and oceanography, marine activity/transport, designated or sensitive areas, seafloor geology, geohazards and seafloor sediment types.

We offer a comprehensive range of integrated marine geophysical survey and mapping services including:

  • Multibeam and conventional bathymetric charting
  • Shallow sub-bottom seismic profiling
  • Seafloor sonar mapping and production of true-scale mosaics
  • Precise surface and sub-surface acoustic navigation and positioning
  • Marine magnetometer surveys
  • ROV platform operations, photography and video inspection
  • Desktop/feasibility studies
  • Project management and on-site technical representation

Terra is proficient and highly experienced in multi parameter survey missions where a technically skilled team of professionals can address the client’s specific marine mapping requirements during all phases of a project.