Watershed Assessment

Everyone lives in a watershed. Additionally, the majority of the world’s population resides within collection points in watersheds (basins, river floodplains, and coastal deltas). Settlement in these areas equate to risk and environmental impact. Both Risk and aquatic ecosystem degradation can be mitigated through better planning, which is facilitated by better data holistic watershed assessment.

Terra provides the data to facilitate superior planning. Terra regularly participates in small and large scale flood plain mapping projects supporting multiple applications including:

  • Flood hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Coastal Inundation Modeling
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Contamination and Fate Analysis
  • Climate Change Adaptation

In addition to large-scale watershed assessment application, LiDAR data capture also has micro-scale function for use in on-site stormwater management projects using  Low Impact Development (LID) techniques. Terra has supported watershed research focusing on the application of LiDAR and micro-scale implementation of Low impact Development. LiDAR facilitates watershed assessment at multiple scales.