Oil and Gas

Airborne LiDAR is a powerful tool for generating bare earth Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) because LiDAR is effective at penetrating through vegetation to the earth’s surface. High resolution DEMs are used to assess regional geomorphology and temporal deposition patterns by locating structural characteristics conducive to the presence of oil and gas deposits. In addition to the exploration applications, integrated airborne LiDAR and digital imagery can be used for planning and designing infrastructure related to oil and gas extraction and processing such as electrical transmission lines, pipelines and ports.

Terra has considerable experience in providing airborne LiDAR data, digital imagery, and hyperspectral data to support oil and gas exploration, development, decommissioning and monitoring projects. As project sites are often in remote areas, extensive field and safety planning have to be carried out to ensure high quality data is collected in a timely and efficient fashion without compromising safety or environmental performance.