Terra’s ability to provide integrated terrestrial and marine datasets in hydropower dam environments provides highly valuable information. Terra’s data helps the hydropower industry with a number of key issues: Reservoir sizing and engineering, wing-wall assessments, sector-scanning of penstock intakes and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), just to name a few.

The massive and complex structures that make up a hydroelectric dam within dynamic river environments require innovative techniques for assessing their integrity and their safety. Terra has worked to create innovative methods of acquiring sonar data in demanding conditions where our experienced team must deal with currents, access limitations, GPS signal blockages, and other hurdles. Terra’s data enables hydroelectric dam engineers to assess structure and reservoir conditions within areas that are unsafe or inaccessible to dive teams.

British Colombia is recognized as a world leader in hydro power generation. BC operates a vast network of large-scale hydroelectric dams, as well as small run-of-river hydro projects managed by Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Terra has gained extensive project experience across the hydro power sector in BC since 1999, and has also advanced this experience through a wide variety of international projects relating to the hydroelectric sector.