Marine Electrical Transmission and Cable Routes

For over 20 years, Terra has been supplying marine survey services for a vast network of both high voltage power and fibre optic submarine cables.  These services consist of carrying out desktop studies of proposed corridors, 24/7 route geophysical and hydrographic surveying, route development, surface and sub-surface detection of cables, real-time cable positioning, and technical support in the area of seafloor stability and dynamics.

TRSI professionals provide; on-board real time support for route survey planning, data processing and interpretation, production of drawings, subsea video imagery and reporting, which is used by clients in both day-to-day operations and in the design of on-going cable route investigations.

Vessel and cable positioning can be tricky in confined landfall approaches where conventional GPS signal is lost. Terra integrates land based laser range bearing equipment with their in-house navigation software to allow real-time on board visual positioning of vessels, cable floats or divers.