Our Experience

Terra Remote Sensing Inc. (Terra) is a remote sensing company specializing in the acquisition, analyses, and production of spatial data. We are an organization offering world-class expertise and technology in digital airborne mapping (LiDAR, digital and hyperspectral imagery) as well as hydrographic charting, marine multi-beam bathymetry marine geophysics, and GIS support services. Since inception in 1984 as the west coast subsidiary of Terra Surveys and subsequent restructuring in 1999 as Terra Remote Sensing Inc., we have offered a depth of experience and expertise to our clients. Headquartered in Sidney, BC, near Vancouver, we provide solutions to a diverse set of clients who demand timely cost-effective access to high-quality geo-spatial information. Projects have been successfully completed on every continent in over 20 countries

Terra has continually been at the forefront of applying technology to solve our client’s needs. Initially we were involved in bathymetric LiDAR, and were the first in the world to offer commercial airborne LiDAR services with this technology (LARSEN-500 co-development and operation with Optech and Canadian Hydrographic Service). Since commencing our work with terrestrial LiDAR, we have continued to build on our experience, developing services and products that include a state-of-the-art integrated airborne mapping system which incorporates a scanning laser (LiDAR), digital imagery, video, hyperspectal and thermal imaging.

Terra offers experience and capabilities built up over two decades of carrying out linear corridor mapping for highways, railways, electrical transmission and pipeline corridors throughout the province of British Columbia and also on a national and international basis. Our company has worked hard to maintain close working relationships with long term clients such as BC Hydro, BC Transmission Corporation, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Bonneville Power Administration and CODELCO Chile, just to name a few. Terra is a company with a strong background in working with local, regional, and provincial government agencies as well as the private sector at the local and international scale.

To meet our client demands for linear corridor projects such as transportation corridors and electrical transmission corridors, we continue to refine systems, software, and improve our processing efficiencies. We currently have multiple airborne LiDAR survey systems able to respond to projects. Our equipment is maintained and kept current, and our processing capabilities are under constant scrutiny to gain from automation, application development and training programs.

Terra’s strength is the dedicated team of specialists that make up the company. As an employee-owned company, our shareholders are the professional and technical staff who have a direct involvement and vested interest in the firms day-to-day operations. Our senior management is comprised of a group of specialists with over a century of combined experience in LiDAR, photogrammetry, hydrography, marine geophysics, and surveying. They lead a growing team dedicated to ensuring Terra stays on the forefront of providing innovative, cost-effective services and products to our clients.

The professional staff at Terra has over 25 years of aerial LiDAR experience spanning both bathymetric and topographic survey applications. Over this period of time the staff have successfully completed over 350 aerial LiDAR / digital imagery projects.